Selling a home will never be stress free but there are some very important points that separate us from other agents and enable us to make the process easier and smoother.

Experience and Local Knowledge

All of our staff are local people who have decades of experience of the property industry. Our negotiating skills have been honed from years of transactions that enable us to ensure we negotiate with your potential buyer to secure you the right price whilst ensuring the buyer is committed. The fact that our staff are local enables us to speak to buyers about your home with confidence and also enables us to point out aspects that other agents who don’t know the area often miss. One of the key areas where we shine is that we understand that buying a home will be one of the most expensive purchases someone makes and therefore the “bull in a china shop” approach can often lead to poor results and lots of false starts for you as the vendor.

Preparing yourself and the property

When you decide to sell your home it is important to have a discussion with your agent about anything that could be improved in the property to make it as appealing as possible. Often this can mean de-cluttering and attending to any repairs that may indicate to a buyer that there’s an issue with the home. For yourself, we recommend you advise your solicitor that you are planning to sell your home so they are aware from the outset and, that way, when a buyer is found they can spring into action. Without a doubt the most important information to have readily available is any documentation in relation to your lease, planning permissions and any important work that has been done to the property as the buyers solicitor will want to see this information.


Negotiating a sale is arguably the most difficult part of selling your home as you want the best price from the best buyer, and the person buying wants to ensure they pay the right price for them. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, it is impossible that both people will get exactly what they want but we always ask our vendors to look at more than just the price and to bear in mind the buyers position. A buyer who is in a 10 person chain has a much higher percentage of not being able to complete the deal (costing you time, money and hassle) than someone without a chain and often, if you can find this buyer, it’s worth sacrificing a small amount of money for this.

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